The reluctance of oil and water to mix together and stay that way is so well-known that it has become a cliché for describing any two things that do not go together well. Now, a new finding from researchers at MIT might turn that expression on its head, providing a […]

In a paper recently published in Transportation Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers found that a conventional “learning curve” process may not be an accurate way to characterize how newly licensed teenaged drivers reduce their crash risk. In “Learning to Drive: A reconceptualization,” authors Drs. Daniel […]

Since the 1960s, computer chips have been built using a process called photolithography. But in the past five years, chip features have gotten smaller than the wavelength of light, which has required some ingenious modifications of photolithographic processes. Keeping up the rate of circuit miniaturization that we’ve come to expect […]